Filipino Ministry

Filipino Ministry

Filipino Catholics have made a great contribution to the Archdiocese of Vancouver over the past 30 years.

In parishes they are involved with liturgical music and other activities. Their children fill our Catholic schools. Filipino apostolic movements are a very prominent instrument for active evangelization and the formation of disciples. In the highly secular culture of North America, Filipinos provide visible witness to the faith, especially in health care institutions.

Filipino Catholics are a very visible sign of Christian vitality in the Archdiocese.

Yet, there is enormous untapped potential within this traditionally formed Filipino Catholic community. Many of its members attend Mass but may not be comfortable becoming actively involved in parish life. Most have received inadequate formation in the faith. Coordination among the many Catholic and cultural groups within the Filipino community is often wanting.

It is against this backdrop that an intentional Filipino Ministry is now available to facilitate full integration of Filipino groups and individuals into the life of the Archdiocese, thus further serving the needs of the local Church.


The Filipino Ministry Coordinator is tasked to plan, establish and grow the Filipino Catholic Ministry along four mutually inclusive fronts:

  1. Helping pastors and priests to better understand and work with their Filipino parishioners;
  2. Creating a council of Filipino Catholic associations to improve their coordination and facilitate their greater involvement in parish life and evangelization efforts of the archdiocese;
  3. Establishing a missionary discipleship formation program for Filipino leaders;
  4. Hosting a periodic large-scale public event to celebrate the Filipino contribution to the Archdiocese and promote the newly-established office of Filipino Catholic Ministry.

For more information, email: or call 604-683-4288, ext. 50230.