Chinese Ministry

Chinese Ministry

According to Statistics Canada, there are about 400,000 people of Chinese origin in the Lower Mainland, making it the largest visible minority group in Vancouver.

As early as 1933, pastoral care for them had already begun at the Chinese Pastoral Centre, St. Francis Xavier Church. It has been followed by St. Teresa Church (1977), Corpus Christi Church (1994), Canadian Martyrs Church (1995), Our Lady of Fatima Church (2007), and St. John the Apostle (2017).

Chinese Mass Times

 中文彌撒 Mass in ChineseTraditional Chinese (PDF) 

中文弥撒 Mass in ChineseSimplified Chinese (PDF)

Our Mission

Chinese Ministry is a non parish-based service which has a two-fold mission:

  1. To offer supplementary pastoral care to Chinese Catholics, enriching their lives of faith in the Church, and;
  2. To evangelize the non-believing Chinese who are not served by the established communities because of distance and other reasons.

We believe that with the continuous influx of Chinese to Vancouver, more can be done to support the Chinese faithful and to reach out to the Chinese non-believers here.

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